Unmanned – The complete Solution

Tokheim provides a flexible end-to-end unmanned solution. Our services include project management and construction, assistance with legislative paperwork, right through to the installation and maintenance of all the equipment.

Dispensers with integrated payment







We can provide you with a range of dispensers for
all fuel types – these can be fitted with our dispenser
integrated payment terminal, Crypto VGA.

More on Crypto VGA

Standalone Payment and Bank Note Acceptors







We also offer a variety of standalone payment
terminals including a bank note acceptor – these
can be used to purchase items such as phone credit
or car wash. More on Crypto BNA

Remote Monitoring and CCTV







We also provide additional systems such as CCTV
and tank level gauges.More on Tokheim EYE
and Integritas

Fuel Homebase







All operations are controlled through the Tokheim
Homebase – this is the centre of the operation –
it allows you to manage the fuel deliveries, links to
the dispensers, payment terminals and CCTV
solution and it provides you with the ability to
change the poll-signs remotely. 
More on Fuel Homebase

VIDEO: GreatGas unmanned customer story