Fairbanks, a partner of Tokheim, is the global leader in providing wetstock management services to the retail fuel industry. Using the power of real data, fairbanks can help to reduce fuel losses, lower operational costs and improve margins for fuel retailer.

Adding Value To data

You have invested in the latest tank level gauges, POS systems, back-office systems and sophisticated environmental solutions. All these systems are collecting reams of information. But what’s the hidden value in this data?

Data Analysis

Tokheim – alongside wetstock analysis partners, Fairbanks – can translate this information into significant cost savings across your organisation. A dedicated wetstock analyst can use your data to review and advise your business on wetstock performance.

Theft and loss Detection

We can pinpoint exact losses from leaks, highlight drifting meters or catch thieves in the act of theft. The Fairbanks solution ensures potential losses are spotted before they become problematic. 

Cost Savings

It saves clients thousands of litres of fuel per annum by carefully analysing powerful wetstock data to make efficiencies across their organisation.

Introducing Station Manger 365, Fairbanks fuel management application

Station Manager 365 gives complete visibility and control over your business, helping you to run your forecourts more effectively. This intelligent, web-based system, with its user-friendly interface has been designed to interpret and present the forecourt information in a clear and ‘easy to understand’ manner. Station Manager 365 is compatible with any laptop, tablet or smart phone, which means you can control operations remotely with ease by accessing real-time data whenever you need it. Station Manager 365 gives you everything you need to know at your fingertips allowing you to control operations remotely by accessing real-time data whenever you need it.


Service Options

Tokheim and Fairbanks can collect information in a variety of ways regardless of the age of the equipment onsite. We can collate and analyse data from manual dipping, POS/BOS systems, and tank level gauge consoles or through our own hardware if required.

The more sophisticated the site system, the more data we can analyse. We can then offer a package that suits your business needs. Whether that is a simple package that highlights variances on a weekly basis, a more sophisticated model where we compare data from your peers and depots in the region, or a high-end model analysing real-time data and investigating root cause analysis.

Fuel Theft Protection

A 24-hour monitoring service detects and reports the occurrence of theft. If there is a sudden loss an automated response from a call centre is then activated and/or a text message can be sent to a customer’s mobile device. This greatly reduces the time taken to respond and minimises the potential fuel loss.

Laptop, Tablet or Mobile

Easy to use website allows retailers to view their data from a laptop, tablet or mobile. The intelligent web-based reports provide retailers with information necessary to efficiently run a forecourt. Fuel tanks are monitored 24 hours a day and any unusual losses are reported immediately via text or email.

Organisational Benefits


  • Financial reconciliation
  • Volume reconciliation
  • Margin control
  • Accurate management 
  • information and reports



  • Brand protection
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Decision making support
  • Visibility and control



  • Predictive maintenance
  • Contractor management
  • Reduced ‘no fault’ visits
  • Risk mitigation
  • Visibility of unmanned sites


  • Legal compliance
  • Risk mitigation
  • Reduced losses
  • Centralised reporting


  • Stock management
  • Delivery efficiencies
  • Staff efficiencies
  • Sales optimisation
  • Visibility and control

Find out more about Fairbanks Service and Fairbanks Analyst Core Service in our brochures, or visit the Fairbanks website.

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