About Us

Tokheim is one of the world’s largest providers of fuel retailing solutions. Our breadth of offers aim to give you choice. This consists of four core elements: Dispensers, Systems & Payment, Service and Project Management.

Tokheim South Africa services most of the major petrochemical companies in South Africa and has exported product and expertise to most sub-Saharan countries. Tokheim South Africa is involved in the manufacture of fuel dispensers. The mechanics behind the flow meters (which regulate the flow of petrol from the pumps), need to be meticulously accurate, but also easily adjustable in terms of petrol price increases or decreases. Tokheim South Africa offers products support and maintenance on a national basis through 48 fully trained field service technicians operating out of equipped service vehicles. In addition to these services, Tokheim South Africa is involved in the service, maintenance, calibration and commissioning, refurbishment and installation of petrol station forecourts.

At the heart of our business is our unrivaled service network. We have a direct presence and access to over 40,000 stations worldwide. That means we have access to a unique pool of real time, real life data that underpins everything we do. From new product developments to project management to after sales support and genuine service, our local presence, backed by the intelligence and security of our global operation allows Tokheim South Africa to position ourselves to be selected as your supplier of choice.