Tokheim South Africa serivices most of the major petrochemical companies in South Africa and has exported product and expertise to most sub-Saharan countries.

Tokheim South Africa is involved in the manufacture of fuel dispensers. The mechanics behind the flow meters (which regulate the flow of petrol from the pumps), need to be meticulously accurate, but also easily adjustable in terms of petrol price increases or decreases.

Tokheim South Africa offers products support and maintenance on a national basis through 48 fully trained field service technicians operating out of equipped service vehicles.

In addition to these services, Tokheim South Africa is involved in the service, maintenance, calibration and commissioning, refurbishment and installation of petrol station forecourts.

Vision, Mission & Values


An expanding and profitable global organization, focused on the customer, and onquality, safety, innovation, with motivated people sharing a common culture of excellence and a continuous improvement approach.


To deliver to the retail and commercial petroleum industry best value solutions to build and operate stations in a profitable, efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner.


  • Customer driven
  • Taking care of our people
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Initiative, Pro-Activeness and Entrepreneurship
  • Ownership, Commitment and "make it happen" attitude

Tokheim would also like to introduce you to our new Value added offerings which brings about the ability to reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) as well as providing a tailor made solution

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